Federalist 2

The second federalist letter I will summarize, and comment about, was written by John Jay, a founding father of the United States. (for more info on John Jay click below)


Government is a necessity. Men must surrender some natural rights to it in order to empower it. Should the government be one strong Federation or a confederacy of independent states?

This country has been endowed by God with a variety of Soils and bodies of water “For the accommodation of its inhabitants”. The bodies of water serve, as in other countries, as friendly aids of access, a means of access for trade. John implies here that since we have an abundance of waterways, we ought to remain one country, taking full advantage of our God given land and its benefits.

God provided this country with inhabitants of the same language, religion (Christianity), and ancestry, resulting in similar manners and customs. These have worked together to establish liberty and independence. This is an area I’ve been working on. Trying to befriend rather than bother, learn about rather than leer, to talk with rather than tick-off. Many have called the United States the “Great American Melting Pot”. Lets turn up the heat and get to know our neighbors.

It seems that god has made this country for this people, “a band of brethren”. Why would we then separate it and become so many different groups opposed to one another, separate ourselves.

What have we become today, why do we contend so hotly with each other? I believe it is because we, speaking of all U. S. residents, no longer share similar interests, or at least attempt to do so. I’m not sure who does it, but some people think that to be united is to impose one’s beliefs on other people to force participation in social programs. Look at our healthcare system, look at what was done to the American Indians, what is being done to immigrants…of all cultures. It is sad that we’ve missed out on so much improvement in ourselves by integrating into our culture the strengths of others.

We should form friendships instead of demand others to yield to our culture. Friendship is love. Imposition is devilish. I form friendships by first, studying my acquaintances, asking them about their interests, spending time with them, working with them. After awhile, I receive the same treatment; I receive Trust–I receive Loyalty.

Wouldn’t you like to be friends with your government in the way I’ve described? Wouldn’t you like them to be your friend? Take the time to find out about them: their family, what their job is, what they do for fun, then tell them what you think.

Wow…what a great tangent, huh? Back to John Jay.

As a nation of individuals we have made peace, made war,written treaties…we’ve acted as one.

“The value and blessings of union induced the people…to institute a federal government” even when the people were bleeding, houses aflame, and in pain, they still formed a union to secure for themselves liberty from oppression. But this union, formed in such confusion would naturally be weak and unorganized, (speaking of the government under the Articles of Confederation).

The people, seeing that the weak government could not adequately defend its own union and liberty, convened the constitutional convention in Philadelphia to carefully consider their plight.

Friends of the people comprised those attending the convention, to undertake this important task. They focused all attention, for months, on counseling together about what they should do. They then presented the recommendation to the people (the Constitution of the United States of America). Why do all this? Love and Friendship, for kin and countryman.

The constitution was a recommendation. It was not imposed. It should be studied, not just approved or rejected on a whim or bias, since the subject demands careful, candid consideration.

Rhetorical question–How can a responsible citizen keep all the laws of his/her country if he/she doesn’t have enough time to read and understand them? How can we “carefully consider” the laws of this country if we are so busy trying to make ends meet, trying to feed our families–how can we sustain the law? Not possible.

We understand that some people will not render careful consideration to the recommendation, and we understand that there will be those who tirelessly work against it as was done before the Revolution in response to the congress of 1774. People will be deceived. People will oppose because of loyalty to their jobs, their friends, their family…or, worst case, evil intentions. We hope that the majority will again support the cause of Union and Liberty.

The counsel was composed of men with great experience knowledge and proven patriotism. The people trusted them then, that we should go to war. Our prosperity depends upon our union. Why seek to destroy the union? Why would 3 or 4 confederacies be better than 1? If we are broken up we can say goodbye to our greatness.


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