Trying to be a brother in a “Band of Brothers”

I took the advice of John Jay, as mentioned in my last post on Federalist #2, and sought to be a friend to others, to learn about others. ( I also took President Monson’s Advice when he quoted Abraham Lincoln). Well “sought” isn’t the correct word, I continually look for friends and try to be a friend to others, expressing interest in their lives.

I met a man  walking alongside the road. I asked him what his name was, but he responded “Well, what’s your name?” I told him that my name was Warren. He then told me that his name was Richard. I walked with him and talked with him and mostly listened to his stories.

He told me that he had been a miner throughout the west, in Colorado, Utah, California…and now he was a drifter. He told me about his family. He has two daughters in their 30’s, he being in his 60’s. He said that they went to visit a doctor’s visit with him because the doctor wanted him to have another set of ears to hear what the doctor had to say. The daughter that came told the doctor mean things about her father. “They were all true,” said Richard “but I didn’t need to hear them from my daughter.” He has cancer. His daughters want to bring him closer to them so that the doctors can “probe me and test me and tear me apart,” it was sad to hear about the pains that Richard had to suffer. He said that he would rather drink and die, like the song “To live is to Drink and Die” by, I assume, Rogue Angel.

I asked him where he was headed and he said that he had to go pick up his pension from the bank, pay his rent, and get some pop for an old lady. I was impressed that he would walk miles to get an old lady some soda pop that she liked. The old lady was in her 70’s in a rest home.

When it came time for us to part ways I offered him a ride, going to get my car and coming back. He said that he didn’t usually ask help from other people. I reminded him that I offered him a ride. He said, “Well, I’ll keep going this way and you can pick me up if you can find me. Whatever happens will happen.” I came back and I drove for almost a mile. I didn’t find him. I even stopped at the bank and peeked in to see if he was there. Hopefully I’ll run into him again. I said a prayer in my heart, asking whether this was the Lord’s will, that I should look a little more or return home. I returned home.


One thought on “Trying to be a brother in a “Band of Brothers”

  1. He sounded like an interesting person with a very tough life. It think its great that you walked and talked with him! Its kind of strange that he disappeared. Sometimes its harder to accept help than to offer it.


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