Utah’s acquisition of its Public Lands

I made this comment in response to a news article of Salt Lake tribune. It regards Public Lands, State Rights, and Federal Power. To read the full story go here:


“On the issue of taxpayers dollars…I am in favor of using my tax dollars to acquire the lands that had previously been promised to the State of Utah. I would prefer to take away any power from any organization that as big as our Federal Government and give it to a smaller Organization, the state of Utah.

If Utah receives the Tax Dollars on the lands within the State, the state will get the just taxes that everyone pays in the state, except the Federal Government: They pay in Lieu of tax a fraction of what individual taxpayers pay for property tax. (PILT).

Since Utah has fewer citizens than the U. S., it follows that the smaller state government has to be more accountable to each of its citizens. Regardless of your party or how you feel about the BLM or forest service, if you want your voice heard, you will more likely be heard if you speak to the State Government, instead of the Federal Government.”


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