Federalist Paper 1

Do you want to contribute to your own liberty? Ever heard of the Federalist papers?

In this post I’ll write a summary of the federalist papers and explain why understanding them could save our country from collapse.

Want to read them yourself? 

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Federalist #1


The first letter is written by Alexander Hamilton to the people of New York addressing their unique and important task ahead–establishing a government based upon reflection, reason, and choice rather that solely by accident, experiment and force.

Hamilton addresses opposition to a union of the States into a Federation in this letter but warns all to be open to what he has to say. He explains that any good man could be  blinded by bias, that the truth, if the readers or hearers would set aside their personal views, could be absorbed in its purity. Hamilton encouraged moderation in political views, something that everyone today could use a dose of. Extreme views can blind anyone from the truth.

Hamilton mentions that party members believe that their cause is just because of offenses received. Could anything be more blinding, justifying ones self because of the faults of others. Did Gandhi become famous because of his retribution? No. It was because of his adherence to correct principles in the face of opposition. Jesus Christ never varied from what he knew was right, even when he had to cleanse the temple, the house of his father.

The next point that Hamilton makes is surprisingly relevant to us, today, (U. S. 2015). He warns us against campaigns expressing zeal towards the liberty and rights of the people. What? Yea I did a double-take too, but this principle is true. He said that such people usually have a hidden motive of overthrowing the freedoms that they so energetically profess to protect. This makes sense. This political tactic can be compared to sex appeal in advertising: they both lure their prey in with effective, yet subtle, bait. Hamilton contrasts “freedom” tactics with “efficiency”.

An efficient and firm government is a much better thing than a government that professes to advocate the rights of the people. An efficient government seeks to do the best things for the people as a collective, but a government that professes and doesn’t deliver, well…lies, and nobody likes a liar.

What will you do with this information? Will you cling to political party/religious/racial/sexist bias? Don’t do it. You can have an open mind and still hold firm to the true principles you live by. Don’t be fooled by false campaigns designed to lure you in…read the fine print, look for what the person has done that confirms their conviction to your well being before you take a chance on them.


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